Future is People Powered

Optimize and Future-Proof Your Business

Phase 1:

Implement 3 Lessons from "Principles" by Ray Dalio

Personal & Professional Development Sign

Always Growing

Everyone has room for improvement and benefits from feedback, regardless of age, level of education or title.

Reality Testing 150x330

Reality Testing

Embrace reality and deal with it. Multiple perspectives are essential, especially if different.

Continuous Process-System Improvement 150x330

Continuous Improvement

Subject every system and process to improvement, especially when something goes wrong.

Getting Started Is Easy When You Use a Single Platform to:

Promote Growth

Implement  personal and professional development, for the entire workforce, in the workflow with Dripped, Flipped & Lived Learning.™

Avoid Crises

Remove the fear of speaking up with an anonymous employee reporting portal that lets people speak out when it matters most.

Optimize Workflow

Get early warning about system or process problems and mistakes, when your people can do it anonymously online anytime.


of a Learning, Collaboration, and Anonymous Reporting Platform

Reveal Hidden Problems

Improve Decision Quality

Involve Everyone

Get Reality Checks

Unbiased Crowd Wisdom

Get Info In Time To Act

Learn in the Work Flow

Maximize Resources

Tailored to Your Needs

Upskill Entire Workforce

6 Signs it Works

Plane Crashes

Plane crashes have virtually been eliminated due to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). It empowers people to confidentially report any issue without fear of punishment, improving the system and saving lives.


Getting employees to speak-up when they see or hear something that can negatively impact the business goes against most people's base instinct. Give them a way to tell you in time act.

Fraud Examiners

In their Report to the Nations over the last 10 years, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has reported that the most effective way to identify fraud in any organization is through anonymous reporting systems.​


Employees are more inclined to reveal all the facts when they have a safe way to report problems and know there won't be any blow-back.

Crowd Wisdom

Research has shown that the insight of the many can lead to a better result. The best results have been found with informed groups. Where individual members have better knowledge of the subject than the general population.

Unbiased Insight

Your workforce holds a wealth of wisdom. Avoid group think or loudest voice wins. Give your people a confidential way to share their knowledge independently.

Fire Towers

Fire lookout towers strategically positions fire lookouts to see smoke, determine its location, and direct fire suppression personnel to the fire. They also report weather changes and plot and monitor lightning strikes.

More Risks

Potential business risks can strike from more places than risk management teams can imagine. Your workforce has vantage points and perspectives that can serve as an early warning system.

Neighborhood Watch

Since law enforcement can't be everywhere, neighborhood watch programs empower citizens to be active in community safety. It draws on the compassion of average people to lend their neighbors a helping hand.

Stop Profit Leaks

Like training neighborhood watch volunteers, businesses can train and empower employees to safely report on the many ways that the company misuses its resources.

Social Science

A large part of the human brain is designed to handle social interaction. It is a survival instinct to "go along to get along" to avoid being outcast by our tribe. People will go to great lengths to avoid criticism and ridicule.

Eliminate Fear

You need innovation. People fear failing. Create a safe environment where people can voice their disruptive ideas without embarrassment or reputation damage.

What's happening in your business that you don't know about?

Ask about a quick low risk option to learn what your employees see.

Early Warning System

5 Things that can Hold Your Company Back

Broken Processes

Profit Leaks

Gaming Compensation Plans

Outdated Rules

Bad Bosses

5 Things that can Propel Your Company Forward

Brain Mastery

Leads to Top Performance

Active Listening

Improves Communication

Improve Judgement

Enhance Results

Good Questions

Stimulate Great Ideas

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Accelerates Mastery

change efforts failing?

3 Reasons Why Change Efforts Fail


The fear of negative consequences is one of the biggest reasons people resist change.


When concerns and frustrations are ignored, people feel helpless, give up, and take on victim behavior, leading to complacency and disengagement.


When people feel pushed, forced or threatened to change for reasons they don't understand or can't see any benefits in, you can expect resistance, push back, and sabotage.

change efforts failing?

Overcome Resistance to Change


Substantially improve outcomes by getting employees involved in planning, design, and implementation.


The best way to find out about the worst problems is to give people a safe way to raise a red flag, before disaster strikes.


When people feel get excited about the future and can see the benefits and opportunities your changes will bring, they will pull the organization to the desired destination.

Fear Based Environment

(What Is)

In an ordinary organization, most people are doing a second job no one is paying them for.     .… most people are spending time and energy covering up their weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions of them, showing themselves to their best advantage, playing politics, hiding, their inadequacies, hiding their uncertainties, hiding their limitations. Hiding.

Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Today’s workplace is often a fear based environment. It stems from things like:

  • Fear of authority figures’ “power over” them and their destiny.
  • Fear of inadvertently committing a career limiting move.
  • Fear of being caught in the  crossfire of territorial or empire building managers.
  • Fear of making a mistake or failing in a “failure is not an option” environment.
  • Fear of loss in pay increase, bonus, promotion or anything they feel they’ve earned but is left in the hands of subjective decision makers. 
Fear Based Environment
Fear Based Environment

At a time when businesses need creativity, innovation, and fast action, many managers destroy motivation by:

  • Being inconsistent
  • Playing the blame game
  • Hoarding information
  • Publicly humiliating their people
  • Rewarding subservience over service
  • Exerting excessive control

Naturally Adaptive Organization

(What Could Be)

Getting From
"What Is" to "What Could Be"
Office Blueprint













New technology will eliminate routine tasks. The role of professionals will expand and require higher level thinking and sense making for their organizations to remain relevant.

Increased mental dexterity is required to face the challenges ahead. You can’t get this type of education in school, at a workshop or conference. It’s an intentionally lived experience.

To be effective everyone needs to live the experience at the same time. Working and learning together and from each other, in real-time, in the work flow, every day. Focusing on individual personal and professional growth as needed to expand their mental complexity.

Safe working environments are required for our mental capacities to grow. Trusting relationships where we can address misperceptions, cognitive bias, and limiting beliefs.

Once a sound foundation is in place, the organization will be in a position to embrace uncertainty, face reality and expand its capabilities at the rate of change. The organization’s trajectory can’t be left to chance, it must be guided to get results.

A multi-purpose platform that provides anonymity and is hosted by a third party can provide a safe way for the entire workforce to safely share critical information, raise red flags, share controversial ideas, and debate issues that matter.

Phase 2: View and Operate Your Organization as an:

Adaptive Human System

Empower Average People to do Extraordinary Things

Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance!


Change is something demanded of us. Adapt is something we do willingly. Which approach will work for you?

Adaptive capacity builds resilience, embraces diversity, and focuses on continuous learning.

Adapt is the only way to successfully navigate complex environments, like today’s world.


When you bring out the best in your people, they will help you achieve the impossible.

Brain and behavior science have unlocked the secrets of human performance and job satisfaction.

Let technology take over routine tasks, so your people can focus on building a better future.


Organizations are complex living learning systems, by default, and need a different approach to problem solving.

Uncertainty doesn’t have to be scary, when your organization is designed to handle it by using systems thinking.

Create an environment that naturally evolves with its surrounding circumstances.

Key benefits of an Adaptive Human System include:

  1. Distinguish between technical versus adaptive issues and respond to them accordingly.
  2. Expand the mental complexity (or mental dexterity) of your entire workforce, regardless of age, education level, experience, or title. How we think is more important than what we think or what we think we know.
  3. Bringing out the best in your workforce, empowering ordinary people to achieve the impossible.
  4. The ability to anticipate customer needs and act in a timely fashion.
  5. Create a flexible and resilient organization that successfully adjusts to changes in its environment.


I have known Arlene Dilworth for several years and have worked with her under extremely demanding circumstances. I can say without hesitation that Arlene has the highest integrity, the best business sense and the most perseverance of anyone I have ever known in the workplace. If Arlene commits to a project, she will get it done. Her savvy, focus and commitment to her customer will come through time and time again.
Teresa Hofer, CPA

Ensure Your Long-Term Success


Are people problems preventing your business from achieving your goals? Do you see signs of dysfunction?

Empower your people to be their best, bring out the best in others, and embrace the future rather than fear it, with a tailor made reporting, learning, and collaboration platform.

Top Customers & Suppliers

Have you ever been blindsided by the loss of a major customer or had serious issues with a critical supplier?

Consider giving them access to an anonymous reporting system that will empower their people to alert you to relationship issues so you can address them before its too late.