Other Speaking Topics Include:

Use Risk Types to Boost Your Team’s Collective Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Business and Why It Matters

Thank Goodness the Millennials Are Taking Over!

Organizational Evolution Boosts Employee Engagement

Future Proofing Your Business

Hidden Assets, Cloaked Liabilities, & Untapped Equity in Your Business

Organizational Effectiveness & Performance

Creating a Brain Friendly Workplace

How Cognitive Biases Trick Us Into Thinking We’re Right When We’re Actually VERY WRONG…

Effective Explanations

Human Performance Improvement

Emotional Intelligence Related Topics and Whole Brain Thinking


  • Less Stress GREATER SUCCESS (the difference between stress and high pressure situations and how to manage them)
  • Receiving Feedback
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

Note: Some benefits of high emotional intelligence at work include:

  • High Collective Intelligence
  • Collaboration Building
  • Communication Enhancing
  • Promotion and Leadership Readiness
  • Cohesive Teams
  • Better Decisions
  • Adaptive Mindsets
  • Higher Creativity & More Innovation
  • More Resilient Workforce

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